2018 Dates

Beginner’s Classes in Wimberley, TX

March 30–31: INFO →

Master Classes in Wimberley, TX

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*We offer a 20% discount to our returning students for any of the workshops.

Occasionally, financial aid for the workshop becomes available in the form of scholarships. Contact us for further information on this.

  • Master Class
  • $1,000per workshop
  • songwriting lectures
  • one-on-one time with teachers
  • individual performance opportunity
  • unconditional love
  • touch Kevin’s pillow
  • Beginner's Class
  • $500per workshop
  • songwriting lectures
  • group writing sessions
  • group jam sessions
  • conditional love
  • a laurel and hearty handshake
  • Trailing Spouse/Significant Other
  • $200per workshop
  • listen in on all sessions
  • relaxation on the porch
  • attend jam sessions and concert 
  • what’s love got to do with it?
  • bestowed with affectionate title of “Workshop Groupie”

For the workshops that take place at Kevin’s house in Wimberley, we’ve broken them into two types of sessions: Beginner’s Class and Master Class.  If you’ve never picked up your pen to write a song or maybe tried a time or two but didn’t know how to get past the first stanza, the Beginner’s Class is for you.  No pressure, no intimidation, just good clean fun starting from the basics of song structure, rhythm, melody and more.  We use a lecture-style format for much of the day, but there will also be times for you to work in pairs or groups or on your own to try out some of the tricks of the trade.

If you’ve got a few songs under your belt and you’re just needing a refresher class or some new inspiration to take your songs to the next level, come participate in our Master Class.  You’ll have more time for writing and one-on-one time with Kevin, but less lecture-style instruction.  Kevin will bring a guest teacher with some serious chops to help work with the group so the intensity stays high.


Watch our facebook page for more information on the 2016 workshops.