Kevin WelchFearless Leader
Whose idea was this whole songwriting workshop thing anyway? If we have to point a finger, it would be at Kevin. When he’s not writing, he’s traveling and performing. When he’s not traveling and performing, he’s napping. (And we’ve even seen him do all 4 at once). He’s not just another pretty face… he writes the songs for the pretty faces.

Known as the songwriter’s songwriter, Kevin Welch is an expressive singer and a great guitarist. Welch’s songs have been played by everyone from Roger Miller to Linda Ronstadt, but no one can quite play them like he does. Kevin is among a handful of truly great American songwriters, regardless of genre.
He wrote for Tree International (Sony/Tree) for 17 years in Nashville and started his own record label, Dead Reckoning, with compadres Fats Kaplin and Kieran Kane.  He released two albums through Warner Brothers Records, followed by nine more the Dead Reckoning label.  In 2009 he released “A Patch of Blue Sky” through Music Road Records in Austin, Texas.  He is currently gigging around the US and working on songs for a new record with son, Dustin Welch, to be recorded in 2016.

Click here for a list of Kevin’s song credits from the past 30 years.

The funny thing about writing songs that other people record is that you never know exactly how the song is going to be interpreted.  You kind of put it out there, and then let it take on a life of its own.  The story of his song, “Everyone Gets Crazy Now and Then” is one of those accidents that worked out really well.  Apparently The Highwaymen were making the record “The Road Goes On Forever” in 1995 and wanted to add a cut from their friend, Roger Miller. It wasn’t until the record was finished that they figured out that it was actually a Kevin Welch song.  Check out the video below of The Highwaymen recording “Everyone Gets Crazy Now and Then.”