Will I have to perform at the Master Class concert?

Nope. We don’t put the hard sell on anyone. If you just want to be a listener, that’s fine, and we promise not to pressure you.

What if I can’t sing?

You won’t be the first workshopper to arrive who can’t carry a tune, trust us!

Can I bring more than one instrument?

Absolutely!  Bring as many or as few instruments as you would like.

What if I can’t play an instrument?

Listen, we have songwriters of all types in our workshop. Most of them play, but sometimes we get a really talented wordsmith who really just wants to focus on the lyrics. Don’t be shy to come if you aren’t a player.

What if I can’t bring my instrument?

We have quite a few guitars lying around, so if it’s difficult for you to bring your own, don’t worry about it.  You can borrow one!

Where should I stay while I’m at the workshop?

Please check out our Accommodations page for ideas of where to stay and what to do with extra time while you are in Texas.  A lot of our workshoppers take advantage of the opportunity to be so close to Austin by tacking on extra days in the area either before the workshop or afterwards.  There are also quite a few national hotel chains in San Marcos, Texas, which is a convenient 30 minute drive into Wimberley.

What time should I arrive on the first day?

Most of our participants make their way to central Texas the day before our first morning session.  Everyone gathers on the morning of the first session around 30 minutes prior to our start time (usually around 9:00am).  We will send you an agenda during the week before your workshop.

Once you know your travel plans, please send us an e-mail and let us know when you’re getting here and if you need transportation help.  Often we can coordinate people’s travel from the airport to share rides, so let us know if you’d like to coordinate with someone else.